The Hawkama Center is a Doha-based well-known center whose activities involve publications, organizing conferences and PR services. The center has established long-standing relations and understandings – associated with publishing services – with several influential parties in Qatar, including:

1- Al-Sharq, newspaper, as the Hawkama collaborates with the newspaper in compiling and publishing the following:
    - White Book that focuses on practices of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. The book is published annually with four issues distributed so far.
    - Laborer Book; an annual publication that deals with workers’ issues, with reports on care services offered by governmental and private sectors.
    - CSR Supplement which is a weekly publication of eight pages with nearly 50 issues distributed.
Moreover, Hawkama Center seeks to expand cooperation with other partners, consolidating ties with private sectors, highlighting their contributions to CSR activities. The center further establishes unique ties with the following:

2- Talal Abu-Ghazala Group; the center signed a memorandum of understanding on featuring reports via the Qatari media about the group.

3- Mohammed Bin-Hamad Holding Group, a memo of understanding is signed to make media coverage of its growing various activities.

In its record, Hawkama Center has huge contributions and it is honored in association with both government and private sectors to organize conferences, in last three years , including:
    - The first, the second,and the third conferences on Qatar Construction Specifications in association with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.
    - The First Qatar International Wound Management Conference.
    - CSR conferences in association with Al-Sharq newspaper
    - Labor Rights Conferences in association with Al-Sharq Newspaper