About Conferenece

Qatari publicly traded companies initiated the development of a governance report since 2010 under the provisions of the Governance Code issued by Qatar Financial Markets Authority in 2009.

According to the code, these 44 companies are assigned to submit such report to Qatar Financial Markets Authority in a period not exceeding the month of July of each year.

The companies displayed 100% commitment to writing these reports during the last years.

Qatar is considered the sole Arab country that obliges its listed companies to develop the report.

Through the last years and since issuing this Code, several workshops were conducted however a conference that gathers all companies along with regulatory bodies and experts of international institutions was not taken into consideration.

Further, all these reports were not available at one place, thus holding this conference in November of this year is regarded as an exclusive and crucial event that aims to highlight the governance reports book which will be launched during this conference.