About us

Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company (QGIRCO) is a leading insurance company in the region. We provide individuals, families and businesses with exceptional and innovative insurance solutions through our expertise in conventional and Islamic insurance products and services.

QGIRCO was established in 1979 and are proud to be one of the financially strongest and most trusted insurance providers in our region, with 10 years of ‘Excellent’ credit ratings. Our success is a result of a strategy that focuses on customers. We understand your needs and provide quality and appropriate insurance solutions. Our fast, fair and transparent claims settlement process gives you peace of mind.

Our Group comprises of three main companies: Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company, General Takaful Company, and Qatar General Holding Company. As a Group, we are regulated by Qatar Central Bank (QCB) and Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA).

In life and business, no one knows what the future holds. Our comprehensive personal and corporate insurance protects individuals and companies from the financial losses that can arise when risks become reality. Customers access our products and support through our distribution channels, strategic partnerships, branches, head office, and reputable brokers.

Why We Are Different

For over 35 years, we have earned the confidence of individuals and businesses. Our success comes from always striving to provide customers with exceptional products and services.

Underwriting expertise and support

Our qualified underwriting and claims managers help eliminate the risk of adverse selection, and benefit our customers over time.

Simple and fast claims resolution

Our in-house claims professionals have the experience and skills required to assess and pay claims quickly. Our simple processes also help customers claim easily.

Strong financial position

Our consistently strong financial position is a result of our diverse business operations across the Middle East and North Africa.

Ongoing ‘Excellent’ financial rating

Our financial strength is evidenced by 10 years of ‘Excellent’ ratings from A.M. Best.

Strong backing

We are backed by top ranking, financially strong and globally recognized reinsurance companies.

Talent management and continued professional development

We continuously invest in staff training, graduate programmes, and professional qualifications.

Sustained competitive advantage

Our leading position is a result of multiple product lines, innovation and continuously enhancing our processes.