Qatar Oman Investment Company (QOIC) aims at investing its funds in all types of investment opportunities available in the State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman based on a sound business ground in order to maximize the shareholders’ returns and to contribute to the economic, commercial and social development in both countries.

The Company’s core function is to create investment opportunities in the State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman as well as to hold a distinctive position in the market so as to make attractive investment prospects available in association with its partners, governments and investors in both countries.

It is expected that QOIC will provide its investors and strategic partners with distinctive investment opportunities. In the same framework, the Company will play a distinguished role. It will also provide a well-qualified management that can produce such opportunities in both countries. To procure its objectives, it will do the following:

To benefit from the founders’ experience in developing and framing investment opportunities , knowledge of the market and contacts, in addition to their sharing of strategic partners. This, in turn, will develop the Company’s abilities. Such partners will take the initiative to develop, run and improve different projects and investment programs. Thus, the Company will produce a varied and integrated investment portfolio to investors.

The Company will build a very strong distinguished relationship among its shareholders and with the strategic partners in the Arab Gulf Area. It will also work with such partners in order to put words into action via common investment projects.

The Company will commit itself to create a well-qualified organizational structure and efficient professional staff so as to produce the best standards of service and occupational consultancy.

To put a suitable strategic plan of disengagement prior to enter any projects. This plan will include different methods of disengagement between stocks or the assets of holding company.