Krzysztof Jaros works with the MENA Corporate Governance Team in the scope of capacity building, regulatory level consultancy and the delivery of targeted client services across the region.
Krzysztof is a German lawyer with a specialisation in international economic law including public/corporate governance, competition and State aid control. He has been working in the scope of democratic and economic transition in the broader context of the European Neighbourhood Policy for fifteen years.
Krzysztof participated in many capacity building projects and advised government authorities in various MENA and EU neighbouring countries on legal issues related to corporate governance, competition policy and State aid control.
Prior to joining IFC in early 2016, Krzysztof was based for seven years in Rabat, Morocco, where he had been the Resident Advisor to two EU funded institution building projects. In his assignment at the Ministry of Economics and Finance (2011 – 2013) he focused on improving regulatory framework conditions for the implementation of the Good Governance Code for SOEs and provided strategic advice to the Moroccan Government wishing to align on international best practices. This included supporting a number of pilot undertakings that had committed themselves to improve their corporate governance.