Chief Advisor, CEO Office Qatar Financial Market Authority

Mr. Boujelben has more than 25 years of experience in North American, Europe and MENASA capital markets with a focus on strategic development, operations, asset management, compliance, corporate governance, audit and risk management in the regulatory, brokerage and investment management industries. A Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, Chartered Investment Manager, he is also a Certified Compliance Officer. Sami holds a Master in Business Administration (1998) from Quebec University in Montreal, Canada.

Mr. Boujelben is a member of the Qatar Financial Stability and Risk Control Committee. He heads the QFMA Governance and Disclosure, Risk and AML/CFT departments and chairs the QFMA Strategy Committee. Further to sitting on national committees dealing with strategic planning and market discipline, Sami is involved in various mandates with international capital markets standard setters such as IOSCO, ANNA, OECD, ICMA and IFIAR. While advising on regulation drafting, he is also engaged in market infrastructure development across multiple financial products and services including public offering, exchange listing, disclosure practices and AML&CTF.

Mr. Boujelben delivers conference presentations and is often solicited to provide trainings and awareness workshops to investment communities in different regions of the world.